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National Statistics On Learning Disabilities:

1 of 5 people in the U.S. has a learning disability

2/3 of secondary students with learning disabilities are 3 grade levels behind in reading

2.9M school-aged children in the U.S. are classified as having a specific learning disability and receive special education support

80% of students identified with a learning disability have a primary deficit in the area of reading
Discovery Learning NH is located in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  If your child is struggling in school or has been diagnosed with a learning disability 
Call (314) 669-4733 (314)   NOW-I-SEE 
or e-mail for a free consultation. 
 Testing is used to identify areas of cognitive strengths and patterns of weaknesses which help us understand  underlying causes for your child's struggles. 
Based on test results, a specific plan will be created to work one-on-one with your child, tailoring instruction to meet his/her specific needs. 
Julie has over 35 years experience as an educator in public, private and homeschool settings. She has worked with students using NILD Educational Therapy® since 2000 and has seen numerous lives transformed. Many students have continued on to college and are living successful lives.
Julie Way  M.Ed.  
Certified Educational Therapist
Certified Reading and Writing Specialist
         Call: (314) 669-4733   
                   (314) NOW-I-SEE 
or e-mail for a free consultation
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       What we do:
  • Provide Individualized Educational Therapy
  • Tailor instruction to the student's needs
  • Target weak skills to strengthen
  • Use brain based learning
  • Teach Strategies
  • Use a team approach
  • ​Communicate with classroom teachers
  • Expect parental involvement
  • Build competent & confident learners
  • Teach HOW to learn 
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