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Students with learning disabilities have average to above average intelligence yet they feel inept because of poor grades and failure in the classroom. NILD Educational Therapy® targets weak areas by using cognitive deficit stimulation.  This is not the same as tutoring in a specific subject, it is identifying underlying causes for academic failure, and remediating the problem.  Families are expected to be involved and supportive throughout this process.  The therapist gladly welcomes contact and collaboration with the student's classroom teacher. Through a united team approach, the student is supported during this time of therapy on many fronts.  For further information see  About DLNH tab above.
One on one tutoring and supplemental education services are offered to students of all ages and skill levels.  A specific individualized learning plan will be created around your child's needs. Tutoring is available in reading, writing, math and study skills (with an emphasis on teaching strategies on HOW to learn.)  
Rx for Discovery Reading is a response to intervention designed for struggling readers. Using the necessary reading components listed by the National Reading Panel, (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension) this multi-sensory approach to discovering reading is both enjoyable and effective.
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New information and research are constantly bombarding the educational scene; student's brains are changing. According to Pearson-Prentice Hall over 65% of students are visual learners.  As educators it is important to stay current in "what works" and in understanding the best way to teach today's students. DLNH accesses research and new information regularly, particularly in the field of literacy, special needs and neurodevelopment in teaching. The more teachers know about the brain, the easier it will be to reach all types of learners in their classroom.  Contact us (see above) to request more information about our services as well as to request professional development at your  school.
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Students become confident in reading and writing
Homeschool Support
Homeschool support is available through consultations, end of the year oversight, and parent workshops.  Julie is a fourteen year homeschool veteran and is available to provide support and training to parents interested in learning more about literacy, early childhood education, brain based education, and learning disabilities. For information on homeschool end of the year oversight click on the form above.