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 “During our working together for six years I saw how amazingly effective Julie was working with children with learning difficulties. Children who could not function or even communicate well were transformed into effective students who did quite well as a result of the loving rapport and scientific learning methods used in her sessions.” 
Bill Tower Math & Science Teacher, Mid Vermont Christian School
“Julie has produced excellent results in working with students who displayed specific learning disabilities.  Great Results, Expert,   High Integrity"

Dr. Alan Graustein, 
Founder and Board Member of Laconia Christian School 
Educators, Parents, & Students Speak About our Program:
“This program has changed my son’s life. It has helped him gain confidence in himself and has shown him that he is a very intelligent and capable person…It has been a blessing to our whole family. We now understand his difficulties, and rather than be frustrated by them we can help him…” 
Debbie L.
Mother of a Discovery Student
Julie's involvement with The National Institute of Learning Development began while homeschooling her four children. Julie sought after an educational intervention to help two of her children that were diagnosed with learning disabilities. She began searching for a program that would do more than merely teach students to compensate for their weaknesses. Her search finally ended after a friend told her about  NILD Educational Therapy® (also known as the Discovery Program). 

After attending an NILD convention, she was so impressed with NILD's philosophy and  techniques that  her hope was renewed.  Julie's children were enrolled in the Discovery Program at Laconia Christian School where both of them made great academic gains in the years that followed.  

Julie knew the value in the program and wanted to help other children experiencing struggles in learning. After three levels of training she received her  certification as an NILD Educational Therapist.  That was 12 years ago! Since that time she has seen numerous students enter the program feeling defeated and hopeless, and leaving it with greater confidence in their abilities and restored hope for their future. 

In 2008, Julie launched her own business servicing students in several schools in the Lakes Region as well as in her home office.  Along with NILD programs she also provides oversight for families in the homeschool community and professional development to educators upon request.

Since so many children are in need of help in the area of reading, she received an M.Ed. as a Certified Reading and Writing Specialist.  Presently Julie is involved in post graduate work in Neurodevelopment in teaching.

Julie is a member of The National Institute for Learning Development, The International Reading Association, and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society.  She is published in The New England Journal of Education where she wrote about an action research case study she conducted on a student who struggled with dysgraphia.
​“Julie has an incredible talent for helping people learn from the unique perspective that each student has. She is able to get into her students mind and help them fully engage in a topic while giving them the confidence they need to succeed. I was personally fortunate to have had her as an educator and mentor to help me overcome some of the learning disabilities I experienced through high school.”

Travis Hunter